“I love you.” "So what?” "So what? So plenty!”

'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
I wonder what I'd do if I lost you

our leader the m o c k i n g j a y

I hated school, I hated school. And I didn’t realize why. I thought I was…I was, I thought there was something wrong with me for hating school, for not being able to deal with school. At the time it was ingrained in me that school was: if you’re not successful in school you’re not going to be successful in life. And the hierarchy with the subjects at school, like the arts are given no credence. And if they are, it’s false credence. So, I look back on it and and I’m angry. I’m angry about it because, you know, there might be a brilliant ballerina somewhere in school who’s being forced to do maths, and she sees it difficult. But if she’s just allowed to express whatever gifts she has to offer then she would be happy and then she could make hundreds of thousands of other people joyous for a couple of hours per night.

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue (september 2014)

I’m gonna raise the stakes, I’m gonna smoke you out


"The New Romantic". Photographed by Gidi Van Maarseveen for Factice Magazine August 2014

me: ends incredibly depressing sentence with "lmao"


i should’ve saved you


Robin Williams was the funniest man to ever live. It was truly a blessing to have grown up on and to have been surrounded by his work as a child. In my life Robin Williams was a constant source of happiness, laughter, and joy. I seriously feel like I’ve lost a close family member; I don’t even know what to say… Robin, thanks so much for all the laughter!

The life you lived, and the work you’ve done, will always be remembered. I look forward to the day I can share in the laughter of your films with my own kids. May you rest in peace.

“We always knew that Crystal had a lot of potential and could do anything she wanted. She really showed a maturity and worked so hard toward her goals. I give her a lot of credit because she did this all herself.” - Christine Reed (Crystal’s mom)

With the werewolf nails, the guys can’t unzip their pants to pee. It’s a big ordeal, so I always joke that—you know fluffers? There needs to be a person who comes in and helps them pee. I keep bringing it up. “Anyone need an assistant pee-er?”